Spice ‘n Slice is a seasoning mix to be used to make your own jerky, salami, summer sausage, pepperoni, and breakfast sausage.

Prepare with beef, pork, poultry, or game meat • No casings or stuffers required, just shape and bake • No MSG!


There really was a Grandma LaMure, and Spice ‘n Slice is the realization of how good Grandma’s cooking tastes. Our first product was sold in 1978. Now we send our mixes around the world to our customers who enjoy the same good cooking that Grandma always shared. In fact, you can see some of Grandma’s delicious recipes here!

Grandma LaMure’s Spice ‘n Slice is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yavapai Exceptional Industries. YEI! is a nationally accredited program that has provided meaningful work experiences for developmentally disabled adults in the Prescott, Arizona area for more than thirty years. Our suite of facilities provide packaging, shipping, manufacturing, and mail room services for our diverse lineup of business partners. In fact, our production technicians even make adobe brick for construction projects and build outdoor furniture and for sale signs for the real estate market. With our outstanding safety record, quality projects and pride, we are now happy to be your supplier for Spice’n Slice.

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